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 Ant Simulator 3D  APK Download

Ant Simulator 3D APK

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Title: Ant Simulator 3D
Author: hksdev
Latest Version: 4.1 and up
Last Update: September 5, 2017

Download Ant Simulator 3D APK from hksdev last update September 5, 2017 and Developer Visit website Email mnhksdevelopment[@] Jannamööhslohne 2 26736 Krummhörn

Ant Simulator 3D In Ant Simulator 3D you can expire adventures from the perspective of a tiny ant. This 3D survival game and animal simulator will set you into a realistic simulation of the insect world. Establish your own virtual Ant Colony. Search for food resources in order to feed the ant queen and the larvas. Explore a large detailed natural ant habitat filled with other insects which possibly will attack your ant colony. After the required amount of food, the ant queen will lay eggs which evolves to lavas whichs needs to be supplied with protein in form of other insects.

Enforce attacks to overwhelm other insects with the power of the swarm and get protein. You have to plan ant battles against enemy insects like huge Scorpions, Spiders or Praying Mantis. Get in war with those creatures by the force of many soldier ants. Create amazing ant trails with pheromones to get support from the solider ants or worker ants, grub more tunnels to enlarge the ant hill.

An animal simulator and 3d survival game - 3D Ant Simulator function overview:

** 3d simulator and a survival game **
** very realistic ant and insect behaviour (ant trails, pheromone communication) **
-> Ant AI - watch their swarm behaviour, see how they create pheromone trails
** open world game with a huge map - explore a detailed, huge 3d natural ant habitat terrain **
-> forest environment, different plants, realistic textures, water
** Insect Simulator - other insects as protein like spider, praying mantis worms, fly etc. **
-> (scorpion simulator, praying mantis simulator, spider simulator)
** attack and fight against enemy insects with the ant colony **
->overwhelm with them power of the swarm
** collect food in the form of fruit or sugar to feed the queen and larvas **
** high-quality animation of the 3D ants, spider and other insects **
** first person form the player ant, easy touch control **
** explore the underground caves and build a huge subterrrainian nest **
->enlarge the ant hill and grub new Chambers

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