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 Dave 🤑 Saves  APK Download

Dave 🤑 Saves APK

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Title: Dave 🤑 Saves
Author: Dave, Inc
Latest Version: 4.1 and up
Last Update: October 10, 2017

Download Dave 🤑 Saves APK from Dave, Inc last update October 10, 2017 and Developer Visit website Email friends[@] Privacy Policy

Dave 🤑 Saves Dave’s a lifesaver. He’ll spot you $75 to end the overdraft cycle. The best part? No interest. You decide what’s fair to pay with an optional tip.

PREVENT: Dave identifies future expenses (like a car payment) and warns you to prevent overdrafts.

BORROW: Advance a portion of your next paycheck at 0% interest. You decide what’s fair to pay.

LIFESAVER: Dave saves the average American from $136 in overdraft fees a year.

Costs just a dollar a month. First 30 days free!

“I invested in Dave because I got crushed by overdraft fees in my 20's. For anyone who wants to be successful, I always advise to cut down on useless expenses and save money. Overdraft fees are the definition of useless.”

Mark Cuban - Investor

“The way people can prevent bank fees by tapping into money their employers owe to them is a great concept. I also love the charitable component.”

Emily - user

Dave undergoes very strict security and privacy compliance audits to ensure that your personal information is protected. Dave uses the latest military-grade 128-bit SSL encryption technology used by big banks so you can rest assured that your bank information is safe and secure.

ALL of your sensitive data is encrypted and access to your connected accounts is read-only. Dave does not store your online banking credentials and never will. We do not store your online banking credentials and never will. Your banking credentials are used once to authenticate and verify the account you provide belongs to you.

We also use firewalls and use secure servers to protect your identity and your data.

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