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 Key: Plant Families  APK Download

Key: Plant Families APK

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Title: Key: Plant Families
Author: CRinUS
Latest Version: 2.3 and up
Last Update: December 9, 2012

Download Key: Plant Families APK from CRinUS last update December 9, 2012 and Developer Visit website Email support[@]crinus.org 164 Russell Road Bethany, CT 06524

Key: Plant Families This app is for both amateur plant enthusiasts and professional botanists.
It is an interactive key to identify a plant to its respective family.
You select characters and enter their values, such as flower color; the app will present you with possible identifications including family details and images.

List of characters
List of families
Select character
Touch to select or enter value
Displayed selected character values along with taxa
offline use
auto-saved status

The dataset for the app is adapted from the Flora of China Project (www.foc.org).
The web version can be found http://www.pathkey.org/key_d.php?datasetId=198

PathKey is an interface for accessing interactive identification keys in DELTA format. Visit www.pathkey.org for more information.

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