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 Vocal Ease  APK Download

Vocal Ease APK

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Title: Vocal Ease
Author: Arnold McCuller
Latest Version: 4.1 and up
Last Update: February 3, 2016

Download Vocal Ease APK from Arnold McCuller last update February 3, 2016 and Developer Visit website Email vocaleaseapp[@] 6601 Lakeridge Road Los Angeles, CA 90068

Vocal Ease En route to your concert or public speaking engagement? Ready your best performance in 5 basic steps with VocalEase! A legendary vocal trainer isolated the most essential classical techniques known by professional singers around the globe, into an easy travel exercise you can use in your car, hotel room, just about anywhere!

Don’t leave yourself gasping and straining. Start slowly with our lip trills, mums, and hums. Improve your passaggio on a moments notice, give your audience and yourself the best possible performance, no matter the musical style.

VocalEase media files were produced to be enjoyed using headphones, earbuds, or through a good-quality iPhone-friendly car audio system. This is also why audio volume is adjustable via iPhone’s hardware controls."

Note From Arnold:
This is a vocal warm-up that now you'll always be able to access. It can never replace you teacher, but it will get you ready to work at a moments notice. Use this application for a quick prep in your home or hotel, en route to you job, or back stage before a performance or session.

I've studied for more than 30 years with a good variety of teachers, and I've learned in that time, that if I don't warm up the muscle, I run the risk of hurting it. Just as all athletes warm up before performance, so must singers and public speakers.

The lesson is self-explanatory and over time, just emulating the sounds will get you used to the exercises. Starting slowly with the lip trills, mums, and hums, gently moves air through the vocal folds without pushing too hard in the beginning.

When doing your exercise the most important thing to think about is keeping the soft pallet up, and the larynx (or the Adams apple) down. Keep the feeling of a yawn, or beginning of a sneeze.

Most singers have the greatest challenge mixing head voice and chest without a noticeable change in the sound. This is known as the passaggio, or passage. One should be able to move from chest to head without changing sound quality.

For most of us this is the continued work. The work never ends; we just do our best in the practice.

A solid foundation of classical singing technique helps to build strong breath support and vocal chord health, insuring a long and varied career no matter the musical style.

"Miss your warm up one day and you know it. Miss it 2 days and the band knows it. Miss it 3 day in a row and the audience will know it!"

For more information about VocalEase please visit
You can also visit Arnold’s website at

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